How We Got Started

Janzen Morgan Farm near Edmonton, Alberta has been Canada’s premier Morgan Breeder. The Janzens have raised over five hundred foals and sold a thousand and seventy Morgans. Sales include the Stallion, JMF Royal Secret, a Windhover Regency son and JMF Beam Song, a Whispering High Beam daughter, New Zealand’s Morgan Foundation Stock. Also WC or GN show horses JMF Beams Winter Win, Midtone, JMF Vigilace, JMF Ideal Gambler, JMF Wild Card, Tetonia Black Rose, JMF Sanssousi, JMF Shadow Catcher, JMF White Knight, Devicter Grayson Regent, JMF Midnight Express, JMF Black Hawk… The Janzens have sold and delivered Morgans to breeding farms, families and individuals from coast to coast in Canada and the United States. Now there are also JMF breeding stock in Germany including the stallion JMF Hot Ice Black Fire. The mares JMF Black Shadow, JMF Black Ivory, JMF Irish Wildflower and two of their foals by JMF Cruise Control.

Janzen Morgan Farm decided early on that if they focused on the versatile characteristics associated with the Brunk lines and stood well-bred black stallions, their herd would attract attention. Drawn by attractive, athletic movers with high intelligence and tractability and by Beamington’s dominance in sire ratings, Janzen Morgan Farm searched for a black son of Beamington.

With the mortgaging of the farm, they bought Whispering High Beam (Beamington x Highover Desiree by Donlyn of Wind-Crest out of a Waseeka’s Nocturne daughter) in 1982. The Janzens then started a campaign of extensive travel to acquire a large herd of breeding stock with a wide range of promoted bloodlines. In 1983, a second black son of Beamington, Windhover Regency (out of a Flyhawh daughter) was purchased to use and cross with the expected High Beam daughters to intensify the traits of Beamington, Flyhawk and Senator Graham.

These matings tended to produce showable offspring with dispositions and athleticism suitable for family and working horses.

So it was Whispering High Beam, with over one hundred fifty foals, that put Janzen Morgan Farm on the Morgan map and it was Windhover Regency, with his over two hundred sixty foals and his overwhelming appeal, that came to be the farm’s image. Irish Entertainment, two time Reserve World Champion Stallion, out of a WC Beamington daughter, Justa Joy, intensified the Beamington bloodlines further.

Building on the foundation laid by the black Beamington sons, the elegant out-cross stallion Rum Brook Immortal Image by the highly rated Immortal Command, has sired an enviable mare herd. Currently standing at Janzen Morgan Farm are two younger black stallions: the line bred homozygous Beamington stallion, JMF Cruise Control, a son of Windhover Regency and grandson of Whispering High Beam and JMF Ice And Irish, a stallion that reflects so much of our breeding program, Whispering High Beam, Windhover Regency, Rum Brook Immortal Image, Irish Entertainment, Waseeka’s Wildly Royal and JMF Hot Ice Black Fire.

Photo by Dorothy Janzen

You are invited to view these truly versatile stallions, the remaining broodmare band and their proud offspring. Known for producing Morgans that are usually personally trained, used and shown by their new owners, Janzen Morgan Farm also offers continued service to their customers, many of who become repeat customers and often friends. The Janzens look forward to the future of making more Morgans …… and many more friends.

Written by Will, Dorothy & Bruce Janzen

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